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Thursday, 31 May 2012


    Isn't that what we all want to do, escape? i suppose it all depends on what one is escaping to, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence you know. You might be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, and where would you be then? Yes, burnt to a cinder!
    Life in the Village isn't that bad you know, well not for some it isn't. Lounging about all day with nothing better to do with their time, for some the Village is like a holiday camp, "Ho de Ho" "Hi de hi." Even Number 6 doesn't spend all his time in trying to escape. After all there are only so many ways you can try and escape, although no-one has tried to tunnel their way out, as far as I know. No.15 tried to escape by hiding himelf in a dustbin in order to have himself thrown out of the Village with the rubbish. No.32 dug himself into a hole somewhere in the woods. He hid there for two weeks before he ran for it, he thought they would stop looking for him you see, and he would sneak away when they had. Trouble was they never give up, and he couldn't run so far, they caught him in the end. No.5 came up with a plan to 'Jam' up the system. He said he was going to escape, and made no secret of it. Then one day when his personal maid came to clean his cottage, he was gone! There wasn't a trace of No.5 anywhere, it was as though he'd simply vanished! No.2 was in a right state I can tell you. He was told to find No.5 or it would be all the worse for him. A thorough search of his cottage was made. A search of the entire Village was made, the woods, along the cliffs, but there was no sign of No.5 anywhere. It was No.56, No.5's personal maid who finally discovered where No.5 was. She was in the lounge of No.5's cottage when it happened, she sat down for a moment, no longer than that, and screamed when she felt it move, she jumped up instantly and fled the cottage. It was No.5 you see, being a Jammer he came up with a plan to make No.2 think he had escaped, and as part of his plan for mischief he used camouflaged, camouflaging himself as chippendale chair!

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