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Friday, 25 May 2012

Thought For The Day

   ‘Do Not forsake Me Oh My Darling’ may be my least favourite episodes in the series of ‘the Prisoner,’ and may have too many imponderables about it. But it has to be said that the episode enjoys some of the best incidental music in the whole series.

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  1. When I originally watched this episode, I thought a teaser before the 'thunder' was a nice touch and I wished they'd had more similar openings for dramatic effect.
    I also wondered if the alternative incidental music leading up to the episode title was going to be permanent... It was nice, but I preferred 'The Age Of Elegance'.

  2. HI Steve,

    I recall how one time when Channel 4 screened 'the Prisoner,' and when it came to 'Living In Harmony' they began the episode in the normal way, but after the sherrif had handed in both his badge and gun, they had added in the regular opening sequence, because they thought it had been left out of the film!

    Yes, I also like the 'Age of Elegance,' and listen to it now and again via a floppy dic, for the turntable, not the computer.