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Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Question Of Medical Ethics

   There are two doctors whom I would not wish to be "under" if I were an inmate of the village, they are doctors - No.40 and 22 of ‘Dance of the Dead’ and ‘Checkmate’ respectively. Though they are very much alike in both attitude towards their patients, and to the progress of medical science through experimentation. Indeed No.22 in ‘Checkmate’ thinks nothing of the suggestion of a Leucotomy, to knock out the aggressive centres of the brain, an operation she would have seen to be carried out on No.6. Which would have had been far worse than she did with No.53-the Rook and possibly No.8-the white Queen.
    No.86 of ‘A Change of Mind’ was no better, medical ethics wise, although she did not actually carry out the operation known to be "Instant Social Conversion," which amounted to the same thing as a Leucotomy, the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes. There was clear evidence that she had in fact carried out this operation on other poor soles, the "lobo-man" for example.
   However all is not quite lost in the village when it comes to doctors and medical ethics. Take the doctor-No.14 of ‘A B & C.’ She was very reluctant to see her drug used on No.6 "You know I haven't had time to prove the drug." the doctor protested, but was forced to go ahead with the experiment anyway. Just as long as she got it right, otherwise No.2 would see that the drug is proved on her!
   But then, I wonder if in not having reported the patient-No.6 opening his eyes and seeing the doctor, she having appeared on the wall screen, to No.2, did she not by not doing so, give No.6 a fighting chance?
    This doctor-No.14 may have carried out experiments on her patients, but at least she had some semblance of medical ethics, in not wanting to use an unproved drug!


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