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Monday, 21 May 2012

Teabreak Teaser

    The Prisoner refused to wear his badge, respond to his number, and admitting that he is Number 6 only when it seemed to suit him. There were also a number of other Village citizens who failed to wear their numbered badge, amongst their number are..............



  1. Well, there's the butler of course, he seems to be un-numbered. And Rover. But of course Rover is a piece of equipment (isn't it?!).

    Characters in "A,B&C", "Harmony" and "Girl Who Was Death" don't have numbered badges, well they wouldn't, existing as they do in dream / story seqeuences. And some of them aren't village citizens, so don't fall into the original question.

    Dr. Seltzman... did he get a temporary badge whilst in the village? I don't think he did.

    Fotheringay and Colonel J were in the village but, as far as I remember, don't have badges. I'm not sure if they were truly citizens of the village.

    The sailors on MS Polotska, it was "our ship" as No.2 said. But of course, if they'd been wearing badges, No.6 would've known something dodgy was afoot.

    I don't think this is quite the answer you were after.

    be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,

      Very good. No Seltzman wasn't given a number. Neither of the Colonels who went to the Village were given numbers, or Fotheringay for that matter, but they were not long term residents. I guess the business in hand was too pressing. I was thinking more of the doctor who gave the Prisoner his medical in 'Arrival.' The Butler, No.48 In 'Fall Out,' and the Professor and madam Professor in The General.'

      Kind regards