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Friday, 25 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

Six Of The Best!

No.6:  "Twelve Sir, so that I can remember!"

    It was during their time in the Embryo Room of Once Upon A Time, that No.6's school days were re-enacted. The pupil was asked to go to the Head Masters study in the morning break. The pupil was accused of speaking in class, something which the pupil denies "Wasn't me Sir."
"Wasn't you. Who was it?" the Head Master asks.
   The pupil refuses to say who it was talking in class, and because the pupil refuses to say who it was, the Head Master sees this as cowardice. But which the pupil tells the Head Master "That's honour Sir. You should teach it!"
   So because he refuses to speak the pupil-No.6 is to be given '6 of the best.' But the pupil wants twelve, twelve so that he may remember! But it is not the Head Master who is to dish out the punishment, but the person of the Butler!
   As the Butler closes the Head Masters study door, he tests the sturdiness of his cane with vigour. You can hear the swish, swish of the cane in the air. So it a question often in my thoughts as I watch this scene. Does the Butler actually carry out the punishment of caning No.6 - Twelve of the best!

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