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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Teabreak Teaser

Where was the helicopter pilot during 'Free For All?' Not only did Number 2 pilot the helicopter in pursuit of Number 6 as he attempted to escape by boat, but he also piloted the helicopter when he was departing the Village at the end of the episode!


  1. Perhaps the pilot was in the "Therapy Zone" and incapable of flying the helicopter!

    be seeing you

    1. Just a side note to what I said earlier, but was any alcohol really served in the "Therapy Zone"? Number 2 seemed to be inebriated when talking to Number 6 ("To hell with the village!") but also seemed to sober up pretty quickly when Number 6 passed out. So perhaps he was just pretending. And whatever Number 6 drank must've been a bit more than just whisky (or whatever), if it was "enough to see him right through the election"


    2. Hello ZM72,

      They're clever, damned clever! Number 2 wasn't drunk at all. The scientist brewing his brew, wasn't brewing at all, only there to give Number 6 another dose of the drug to see him though to the end of the election, without damaging the tissue!
      Why did Number 6 appear to be drunk? Perhaps it was a side effect of the drug. He certainly didn't get drunk in the 'Cat and Mouse' night club!

      Be seeing you