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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

Don’t Worry Number 6. You’ll Be Cured

"I’ll see to it" says No.2 "No more nightmares. If you have so much as a bad dream, you will come whimpering to tell it to me, whimpering!"
   So No.2 sees No.6 as in need of being cured, but what of. I mean No.6 isn’t ill is he? Perhaps it’s to do with No.6’s supposed persecution complex amounting to mania - paranoid delusions of grandeur. Well, we’re all guilty of delusions of grandeur from time to time, aren’t we?
   Such is No.6’s defiance of the village, that he can make the act of simply putting on his dressing gown seem a gesture of defiance. And No.6 isn’t afraid of putting on weight, in having given up sugar on the advice of his doctor 3 months ago. And not of being reduced either, as he drops three lumps of sugar with great deliberation into his cup of tea.
   But fear ye not. There’s a cure for al this, and No.2 will see to it!

A Character Witness!

   Why at his trial during the 'Dance of the Dead' did No.6 suddenly call for a character witness? Whose character was Dutton supposed to be witness to, No.6's or that of The Village? Certainly No.6 knew that his old colleague Roland Walter Dutton was due to die, after all he had been handed the termination order by a doctor in an earlier scene. So No.6 thought that Dutton would be the man to say the things that needed to be said, seeing as how Dutton was due to die. But what were these things the Prisoner saw as needed to be said? Anyway it didn't matter in the end, because the doctor-No.40 had gone too far with his medical experiments on Dutton, medical experiments which were designed to make Dutton talk. But Dutton couldn't talk any more, he had nothing else to say, no more information to give them. The trouble was the doctor didn't believe Roland Walter Dutton, not even when Dutton was telling the truth.
  So what kind of character witness would Roland Walter Dutton have made? What could he possibly have said in favour of the Prisoner, or against The Village? Perhaps the Prisoner was hoping that Dutton would expose The Village system for what it is "Tell them what they want, and they'll kill you!" "Don't tell them, and they'll take it anyway and kill you after!" But to the Prisoner's disappointment Dutton had been reduced to a brainless imbecile. Dutton had been brought to the Dance dressed as a Jester, now there is a reason for that and I can tell you why....................but perhaps that is better left for another time.

I'll be seeing you at the dance

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