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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Caught On Camera

  "What do you think's going on here then?" the first boy asks.
"Dunno, you?" the second boy asks the third.
"That's Danger Man over there" the third boy informs his mates.
"Who?" they ask in unison.
"That Danger Man that's been on the telly."
"Blimy, so it is!" one exclaims.
"What's he doing now then, more Danger man?" asks the first boy.
"No, this is for his new series "the Prisoner" says the third boy.
"How do you know?"
"Cos I asked Pat."
"Pat, what's she got to do with it then?"
"No, not aunty Pat. Patrick McGoohan, he's the one getting into the Lotus Seven KAR 120C" the third boy explains.
"I'll write that down" said the second boy.
"Why do that?" asked the first boy.
"Cos I collect car numbers!"
    "She's a beauty isn't she" a sightseer remarks to Patrick McGoohan.
    "Nought to 60 in 7 seconds" McGoohan replies
    "So what are you doing here?"
    "Me!" McGoohan responds.
    "What for?"
    "My new series, its all about me" McGoohan explains.
    "So why did you resign?" the sightseer asks.
    "Don't know yet. We haven't got that far into the script."
    "Is it Danger man?" the man asks.
    "No, definitely not, and I am unanimous in that. Now if you don't mind, bugger off and let us get on with our filming!"


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