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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

Electrifying The Prisoner

    Have you ever though how electrifying the Prisoner can be? Well it was Nadia-No.8 who was first to find out during her interrogation during The Chimes of Big Ben, how electrifying the experience could be. You will recall that the floor of the interrogation room had been electrified, this she discovered by sprinkling water onto the floor. But for No.6 electrification came through another conductor, the arms of a leather upholstered chair during the truth test of Free For All. So electrifying did No.6 find the experience, that he couldn't rise from his seat!
    In the episode of The Schizoid Man No.6 was again electrified by the experience of electro-therapy. In this to adjust his right-handedness to being left handed, and it was by the use of electricity which enabled No.6 to reverse his left-handedness. This via a short circuiting electric table lamp which was enough to give No.6 a short sharp electric shock and reverse his left-handedness back to being right handed.
   But electrification can be a deadly thing, as both the Professor and No.12 - of administration - quickly discovered in the episode of the General. The Professor who was actually electrocuted to death by the General, his own creation! And in turn No.12, who gallantly tried to save the Professor's life, but who was also electrocuted to death in the attempt.
    And finally during the episode of Its Your Funeral we learn that amongst the retiring No.2's achievements is the electrification of the clocks!



  1. Plus there's "The Girl Who Was Death", a story made up by Number 6 and possibly this line was inspired by his time in the Village:

    "Incidentally, we're electrified."

    be seeing you

  2. Hi ZM72,

    Of course! The steel spikes beneath the trapdoor in the Bakers! I had quite forgotten.

    Have a good weekend