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Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

Pawns Or Players?

Prisoners or warders? Which is which? Who's standing beside you now?
    It's simple psychology the same way it is in life, you judge by attitudes. You soon know who's for or against you. And that's the only way in the village, seeing as both sides dress the same, as in the case of the gardener and painter in Checkmate. Both wear dove-grey overalls, but in attitude they are poles apart. The gardener who No.6 wanted a word with "Then you'll have to wait!" the Gardener replied-guardian. But the painter when questioned about the painting of the wall said "If you're not satisfied, I'll paint it again"-Prisoner! Attitudes you see, because both men are dressed identically it's impossible to tell them apart, one the warder, the other a prisoner.
    You might think just because the citizens go about the village dressed in brightly coloured attire, colourful caps, straw boaters, blazers, slacks and striped jerseys, that everything is un-uniformed in the almost holiday camp atmosphere of the village. But you would be wrong. No.2 wears a uniform. All the medical staff wear much the same attire which is uniformed, not to mention the various assistants to No.2. Then there are the waiters and waitresses, maids, gardeners, painters and electricians, all wearing a uniform of a kind - even No.6. So you see, the village isn't all like a days regatta at Henley, all piped blazers and straw boaters.
   In the village, anyone allowed to wear their own clothes such a the Professor and Madam Professor in The General, they stand out in the village, such is the matter of their "special privileges." In the outside world it is the ordinary village citizen who might stand out in a crowd, wearing piped balzer, strawboater and a colourful striped cape, well perhaps not down
Carnaby Street
during the 1960's!
   So "pawn or player?" No.6 can be described as being both. The little watchmaker-No.51 is definitely a pawn in No.2's game of assassination and execution of Its Your Funeral. No.24-Alison allows herself to be a pawn in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ No.9 in Arrival is a pawn to be used by anyone, from No.2 downwards, Cobb, the helicopter pilot and even by No.6.
   The players, well every No.2 to hold office in the village, some more direct than most in wanting to break No.6. Whilst others either don't want him broken, not wanting a man of fragments in fact, or see that No.6 has a future with the village and must be won over. Then there are No.2's assistants who enjoy a modicum of power, along with the Supervisors who oversee the Control Room personnel. And of course there are the warders and guardians who hold the village in safe keeping.
    So prisoners or warders, it all depends on whose side you're on - doesn't it?

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