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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Open To Hypnotic Suggestion!

    There's always something to think about ‘the Prisoner,’ you wouldn't think there would be, not after 45 years, but there it is. You see it's a pity that No.2 of ‘A B & C’ was so certain that No.6 was going to sell out, and so determined in his attitude to find out just what No.6 had to sell, and to whom he was going to sell it. Had this not been so, he could have used the doctor-No.14's drug to induce No.6 to re-enact his act of handing in his resignation in his dream. That way No.2 might have been more successful, and hear the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation from his own lips!
   That having failed, another chance was left to go begging due to another intricate plan with which to extract the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, was seen during the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man.’ No.6 had been taken from the relative comfort of his cottage, and placed in the bed of another. A month was used in the conditioning of No.6, to make him left handed, to smoke black Russian cigarettes and not white cigarettes. And his favourite dish is flapjacks!
    This conditioning is through the use of electrical therapy, barbiturates, mind conditioning drugs, and hypnotic suggestion. Would it not have been at all possible to use this resource to condition No.6 into believing that he about to resign his job. In such a conditioned state of mind, No.6 would do just as he actually did in resigning, the reason behind which, would then be known. And if it were known, what effect might that have on both himself and the village’s attitude towards this Prisoner, not to mention the effect it would undoubtedly have had on the series itself!

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