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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Teabreak Teaser

   This is a copy of the map drawn by Number 6, which he places in the dead man's wallet, together with a picture of himself and a message "To who ever may find this.....", which he then places in the dead man's pocket before he sets the body adrift tied to a life belt, in an attempt to send a message to someone in the outside world.

  Well that's fine as far as it goes. But looking at the map, there are one or two things missing, which makes this map completely useless to who ever might have found it. But what is missing from the map?

Be seeing you


  1. hmmmm, thinking cap on, the Stone boat is missing. And the map doesn't show the cave. Or the lighthouse.

    If "Dance of the Dead" takes place after "Many Happy Returns", then No.6 wouldn't need to put a question mark next to the compass, as he should have remembered the direction of things.

    And he doesn't give any warnings about Rover!

    Also I wonder how you came by this map!

    be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,

      That's quite right, all those you listed are missing. what's more why the question mark next to the points of the compass? But it's also the longitude and latitude that's missing. Because at the end of 'Many Happy Returns,' the previous episode, Number 6 knows both, seeing as he's navigated the Gloster Meteor jet there.

      As to the map, I found the map in some old Six of One material.