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Monday, 28 May 2012

The Rebel!

    Strange how some fans of ‘the Prisoner’ see him as a rebel, after all in his life prior to his resignation and subsequent abduction to The Village, he was a successful member of the establishment, and society as a whole. He was engaged to Janet Portland, he lived in a large house in the City of Westminster, and until his act of resignation he had been loyal, and devoted to his work. This is not the profile of a rebel, after all, all he did was to resign! It was only until The Prisoner- known as No.6 became such a rebel, rebelling against the alien environment to which he had been brought against his will. In such circumstances you and I would likewise rebel.
  Yet there comes a time when the rebel inside departs, and you begin to accept your circumstances, as No.6, and others like him have done in The Village. One cannot rebel against something forever, it would be like banging your head against the wall. I rebelled, I made my voice heard in a society, and other voices joined me. But for some they were not true to the rebellion, but as one by one others fell away, I was left to stand virtually alone. So I walked away from the failed rebellion, leaving others to stew in their own juice. But yet, in the following months, others followed my lead, and they too departed the society in their multitudes. For them it was easier to walk away than to fight. For myself, my rebellion was pure and wanted no power for myself, unlike others who each had their own agendas, or personal fight. But no matter what I was to do, I could see that nothing in society was to change. And today, well others are in charge of society, but from what I gather, society is worse now than ever it was before. with no-one allowed to show any signs of descent! Today society is made up of sheep, and now there is not one goat amongst them!

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