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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cartoon Capers

The Jailbird of 1986, published in 'Village World,' written by Max Hora, published in 1987.

Copyright Steve Matt


  1. Hi David
    Had a message off of Steve Houston who I have not met but I hear from occasionally via the website and he pointed me towards your kind remembrance of me (glad that you find the website useful for occasional bits and bobs of news by the way - feel free to continue, thanks for the credits where applicable, they are much appreciated as is your ongoing work). Keep up the good work with the blog, which I always enjoy reading, pop me an email at it would be great to hear from you :)
    Hope all is well with you, Morag, and family,
    Kindest regards,

    1. Hello Rick,

      I trust this reply finds you well.
      Thank you for your comment. And yes, the Unmutual website is useful for information, which I enjoy passing on to my readers, and credits will be given where applicable. And thank you for your compliments, they are appreciated, and to hear you enjoy reading my blog.

      It's been a long time since we were last in touch. I still have contact with some of the guys from the old days, but most I've lost touch with, or they with me, you know how it goes. I will drop you an email, and then we can catch up.

      We are all fine here thank you for asking.

      Kindest regards