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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

Part Of The Machine

   If in ‘The General,’ No.12 is a cog in the machine, then the Supervisor-No.28 is most certainly an intricate part of that machine. For he is the Supervisor we see the most of, and it cannot simply be that we are about the village when this particular Supervisor is on shift. This Supervisor is the third stalwart of the Prisoner, after the Prisoner-No.6, and our diminutive friend the Butler.
   He was at one time removed from his position in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ by No.2, simply because he made the mistake of reading out a birthday greeting for No.6 over the public address system. Trouble was it wasn’t No.6’s birthday! So this Supervisor-No.28 isn’t perfect, yet he was reinstated to his position, and kept it all the way to Fall Out. Not only that, but at one point he was promoted to the position of the new No.2, if only for a week, during ‘Once Upon A Time.’ And then in ‘Fall Out’ we see this Supervisor rise to an even loftier position, as a delegate, who takes his seat amid other members of the Assembly.
  There is far more to this Supervisor than at first meets the eye. He has power in the control room, and his orders go unquestioned, and enjoys the confidence and respect of No.2. And was but once rebuked for an independent action, which was to see that the door to 6 private, No.6’s cottage, had been left open. This so that Monique-No.51 would have access during the episode Its Your Funeral.
    He is unflinching in his work, and thinks nothing of announcing a "Yellow alert" or worse "Orange alert" to activate that white membranic village guardian, to set "it" upon some unsuspecting victim or prey, depending on how you look at it. He is quick to alert all posts around the village to any danger, or of an escaping village citizen.
   It should also be noted, that this Supervisor-No.28, enjoys more peace of mind and security in his position, than any of his No.2 superiors in theirs!
   It is unknown as to what happened to the Supervisor-No.28 during the mass evacuation of the village towards the end of Fall Out. We can only hope that he made it away aboard one of the departing helicopters.


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