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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Prisoner's Question Time

   Number 2 "Walking, he's always walking, irritating man! Haven't you got any thing better to do with your time?"
    Number 6 "Mind your own business."
    "You are my business my dear fellow. Now why don't you make it easier for yourself, and tell me why you resigned?"
    "Easier for you, you mean"
    "If it was down to me I'd allow you to live out the rest of your life here in quiet solitude. But it isn't down to me."
    "I had a funny dream last night."
    "Oh really, I didn't sleep too well myself!"
   "I deamt I was in a laboratory. There was a blonde woman, she was quite attractive. I've met her before."
    "Oh really, how very odd."
    "Her name was Eglington."
   "And now she's Number 14."
   "How do you know that?"
   "Because I was there, and it wasn't a dream."
   "No, it was a damned nightmare!"
   "You should see a doctor."
   "I have, Number 14!"


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