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Monday, 14 May 2012

Pictorial Portmeirion

 This is how the inside of the Prisoner shop looked like back in the 1980's and 190's. Those who visited the Information Centre knew just how it was, the atmosphere, Max reading his newspaper behind the counter. I used to buy my stationary from here, A4, A5, envelopes, and pens. These days I produce my own Prisoner stationary.
   And outside, the bay window of the Prisoner shop, and the Mini-Moke, an original Village taxi parked in Battery Square, until Max sold it. Mind you is was in a terrible state. It wouldn't run, and it was covered in rust, because it was never garaged in the winter, never covered, but left to the elements, and salt in the air from the sea.
   I happened, by chance to see the Mini-Moke taken away, it squeaked deadfully as they rolled it onto a trailer. And of course it is this Village taxi which appears in 'Village Day,' with yours truly behind the wheel.


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