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Friday, 25 May 2012

Caught On Camera

   Here is a piece of triviality. In long shot, the Prisoner walks up the steps to the central Piazza, a Villager appraoches the Penny Farthing and is standing by the bicycle as the Prisoner reaches the stop step.

   Yet in close-up for the same scene, the Villager has not reached the Penny Farthing bicycle as the Prisoner approaches. The impression given, is that the Villager has taken some backward steps, so to re-time his approach to the bicycle to arrive at the same moment as the Prisoner!

   Also, this same Villager has a white, or as I like to call it, a possitive, badge pinned to his straw boater.
   However, a few moments afterwards in the same scene, the same Villager is seen again, but with a black, negative, badge pinned to his straw boater!

   A trivial matter? Yes of course. But it does demonstrate that there is still plenty for the Observer to notice within 'the Prisoner' series, even after nearly 45 years.
   This extra probably lost his badge, it having fallen off his straw boater. So someone from the proprty department gave him another one, a different badge, not thinking about continuity.

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  1. Could it mean another Villager with a doppelganger? The top scene also appears briefly in 'Free For All', when No6 is in office and ordering the Villagers to flee.
    This isn't the only time No6 appears in two places at once. At the very start of 'Chimes', No6 is seen (you've got to be quick!) on top of the Bristol Collonade. Meanwile, he's also in bed!

  2. Hello Steve,

    I hadn't thought of that. Yes, I'd spotted twice times Six in 'Chimes.' have you noticed in the chiper room in 'It's Your Funeral,' how the young woman handing the daily prognosis report to Number 8 {Wanda Ventham} bears a similarity to her? The nose, the hairstyle......A case for another doppleganger I would have thought. When considering the Gardener, the electrician, No.113b and No.113c, Number 6 and Curtis. Number 6 and Number 1, is that what 'the Prisoner' is partly about...twins and doubles?

    Best Regards
    Be seeing you