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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Throne At Last

  It had to be. But I wonder what sir is pondering as he sits upon that throne? Probably something like "How did it all come to this?"
    But the throne at last, is this just as improbable as the village, another piece of clever manipulation on the part of the President - a former No.2 - and those members of the assembly? A throne indeed, but a throne without substance, when No.1 is the boss and the power behind the throne upon which Sir now sits!
    {Think of this in the same manner, that of our dear Queen sitting upon the throne of England. Although there is a throne to sit upon in times of ceremony, it is the power of the government that is behind the throne. Only in times gone by has real power issued from those Kings and Queens who have sat upon the throne of England.}

Too Much To Swallow?

    During his escape of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ the Prisoner chops down several small trees and out of the trunks he builds himself a sea-going raft. He empties a number of oil drums, into a drain, and secures them to the raft.
   After 25 days at sea, the Prisoner is found in a state of collapse, and tossed into the water for dead! But this seems to revive the Prisoner who then manages to climb aboard the gun-runners boat, he tackles the two gun-runners, and over powers them. Then when attacked he dives overboard and swims towards the light he has seen in the distance, and is eventually washed up on the beach at Beachy Head, and having come-to he immediately scales the cliffs where there has been recent cliff erosion......... there is much that is believable in the Prisoner, but this raging stamina, these sudden reserves of energy of his, are just too much to swallow!

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