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Monday, 28 May 2012


    There are certain lines in 'the Prisoner' that one latches on to, like when Number 2 said to Madam Professor when she asked him what Number 6 wants  in 'the General. "What we all want ultimately, to escape." Number 2 warned Number 12 that his words about the Professor should be guarded, perhaps too his own words. I've often wondered if that is what Number 2 really wanted, to escape. As when Number 2 in 'Free For All' gave the toast "To hell with the Village" while in the Threapy Zone, there being no surveillance. I liked to think that that was a very real sentiment on the part of Number 2, but of course it wasn't. Mind you, Number 2 was due to depart the Village, and even though he was utterly loyal, he might have been glad to put the Village behind him.

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