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Monday, 14 May 2012

The Therapy Zone

   When it was released at the cinema Morag and I went to the to see the film Inception, for which I had seen the adverts on television, and could see, straightaway, the comparison between the film and both series of ‘the Prisoner.’
   As we sat in the dark, in the row of seats, in front of the back row, I was amazed to see, as the film began, Leonardo De Caprio waking up in the surf on a beach somewhere, much in the same style that Jim Caviezel wakes up lying on the sand in the desert in Arrival of THEPRIS6NER. The film is basically about a team, led by a man called Cobb, played by De Caprio, who infiltrates a man's dream, and makes that dream last longer by the aid of a drug to keep the subject heavily sedated. This is much in the same way that Two in THEPRISONER maintains his wife’s sedation by the use of drugs, so that her dream of The Village just goes on and on. When someone wakes up in Inception, the dream the person has created begins to collapses, when M2 wakes up in THEPRIS6NER, holes begin to appear in The Village!
   The infiltration of a subjects dream, and the manipulation of, is reminiscent of the Prisoner episode ‘A B and C,’ how the doctor-No.14, was able to use a drug to get into No.6's dream, and manipulate it.
   Inception contains a couple of nods to the original series of the Prisoner, such as when early in Inception, Cobb manages to gain access into a safe in order to steal an envelope, which contains nothing but blank sheets of paper. This in much the same way, when in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ No.6 hides an envelope containing blank sheets of paper! Then there's Leonardo De Caprio's characters name Cobb, being a characters name in the Prisoner episode ‘Arrival.’
   For Morag and myself there is no doubt whatsoever that the film Inception, is just like THEPRIS6NER series, and what's more contains nods to the original series. What's more an old friend of mine wrote to me of Inception's likeness to the Prisoner episode A B & C. It's just a pity that he did not see the likeness of Inception to that of THEPRIS6NER, but seeing as my old friend does not like the reinterpretation of the original series, his eyes, and his mind are closed. Pity, he's missing out on something quite remarkable.
  Since then we have the film on DVD and still enjoy it.

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