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Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Blue Dispenser

The Wreck of The Amis Reunis

    A closer view of the wreck of the Amis Reunis from the 1934 postcard - it looks to be in the same place, and lying at the same angle, as the mystery wreck found this month.
 Thanks to Gareth Hughes and the Portmeiron Facebook.

    A wooden wreck emerged in the estuary earlier this month, supposed to be that of the Amis Reunis, but it could be that of the  wreck of a slate barge from Blaenau Ffestiniog. I wonder how old it is?
   This photo is from the spa at Portmeirion.
    So the question is, is this the wreck of the Amis Reunis, or that of an old slate barge? I hope steps are taken by the management at Portmeirion to discover the age, and possible identity of the wreck.

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  1. Hello David

    What would be of real interest is whether the broken hull of the original Rover is ever revealed by some good fortune by some kindness of the tides and sands of Portmeirion.


    Mr. Anonymous

    1. Hello Mister Anonymous,

      Ah, now that would be something for fans of 'the Prisoner' to marvel at, if in fact that original Rover actually did sink somewhere in the estuary.
      It is 'Prisoner' legend that Rover MK1 sank somewhere in the estuary. Did it? I'm not sure that it did. Having failed to cope with the terrain in the Village, steps and the like, the Go-Kart engine being too loud for the sound technician, it seems unlikely that they would bother to take it down onto the beach to test it there. And even if they did, the sand in the estuary was hard at the time, you will recall that they had a Mini-Moke running on the sand in 'Arrival,' and 'Checkmate.' So Rover MK1 couldn't sink in the sand. So did Rover MK 1 sink somewhere below the waves? That seems even more unlikely, after all common sense must tell us that even the Production crew could see that a Go-Kart would not float! And even if Rover MK1 did float at first, and then sank, when the tide went out it would reveal ROVER MK 1 on the sand. After all it took time for the shifting sand to absorb the recent revealed wreck at Portmeirion.
      Personally I think that the story of Rover MK 1 sinking somewhere out there in the esturay is a lot of mumbo jumbo. Because one of the Production crew said that ROVER MK 1 was loaded back on the lorry when it was found it didn't work, but I forget who said that. It might have been Micky O'Toole, but I could be wrong.

      Be seeing you