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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Caught On Camera

    I think you will agree that the Colonel is a military rank in the British Army, well in anyone's army if it comes to that. So why is it, the replica the Colonel's office in 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' looks more to do with an Admiral of the Navy? The large picture seen in the Colonel's office, is I believe of the Battle of Trafalgar. And there are a number of nautical devices, a brass canon, and two or three models of sailing vessels.
   You will recall how John Drake in 'Danger Man,'  who had a number of different immediate superior's, Admiral Hobbs for one in 'Colony Three.' This is brought to mind, simply for the Naval militaria decorating the Colonel's office! I am reminded of the General's office, how the room is decorated with Army militaria. And the Professor's house, with paintings of Generals hanging on the walls, because of the "the General." Somehow the naval militaria does not suit the Colonel's office.

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  1. Thought-provoking observations. I would have thought having Drake's first old boss, Hardy, in the episode might have seemed enough. Having Hobbs in there too might have just seemed gratuitous... :-D

    The naval references did remind me that Commander James Bond was a naval man wasn't he... but perish that thought... :-D

    Finally, your noting the constant recurrence of the rank of Colonel did make me wonder what exactly it is that a Colonel does.
    wikileaks tells me:
    A Colonel is a mid-senior commisioned officer's rank... Generally they are staff officers who do planning or manage stuff.

    I guess that might mean what it is.

    1. Hello Moor,

      Quite right, Hardy was Drake's first superior, and perhaps it might have been better if he had remained so. That is one parallel that 'Danger Man' has with 'the Prisoner,' Drake's boss changes almost as frequently as Number 2 in the Village!

      Yes James Bond is a Commander in the British Navy, recruited into British Intelligence from Naval Intelligence, much in the same way as Phillip Calvert in 'When Eight Bells Toll,' also of British Naval Intelligence.

      "The Colonel is a mid-senior commissioned officer's rank.....Generally they are staff officers who do the planning or manage stuff."

      Yes that's about right, they also go into the field of battle on occasion, just as the Colonel became involved with Seltzman, and Colonel Hawke-Englishe with the Girl. Of course as James Bond came from Naval Intelligence, there was also Army Intelligence, and the Colonel could have stemmed from there. Colonel Ross was in Army Intelligence of 'The Ipcress File' played by Guy Doleman, into which Harry Plamer was recruited.

      Be seeing you