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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cartoon Capers

   I had thought that I had posted all of Steve Matt's 'The Jailbird' cartoon strips, but yesterday I came across three others, dated 1986, published in a booklet entitled 'Village World' written by Max Hora, and published in 1987.

   This one in connection with the great debate regarding the screening order of 'the Prisoner.'



  1. Slightly embarrassing...

    BCNU );oB

  2. It was reading the screening order debate in Max Hora's booklet that made me realise how jumbled the episodes were. It took me several years (over 20) to finally come up with;

    Arrival - Free - Checkmate - Dance - Chimes - Funeral - Schizoid - Returns - A, B & C - Change - General - Girl - Forsake - Hammer - Harmony - Once - Fall Out.

    BCNU );oB