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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Thought For The Day

What's Sir Saying?
    In their own defence, both Number 48 and the late Number 2 were allowed to address the delegates of the Assembly. However sir, the former Number 6 was shouted down by the delegates. They were not interested in hearing what sir had to say for himself. But it is possible to make out a few of the words contained in sir's speech. For example "I feel that despite the devaluation of the pound nevertheless........."
    True, the pound was devalued in the UK -  following rigorous attempts to control the balance of payments deficit through cost cutting and other measures during the mid-1950s; a relatively strong balance of payments enabled the government to declare the convertibility of non-resident sterling in December 1958. During 1960s, however, Britain suffered from persistent balance of payments problems, which tended to make it difficult for governments to defend the pound without heavy drains on reserves. These problems culminated in the devaluation of the pound under the Harold Wilson government in 1967.

    The question is, how did the former Number 6 know about the devaluation of the pound, when he had been a Prisoner in the Village for the past 15months?

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  1. Here's a strange coincidence;

    I have the complete 'Catweazle' on DVD. Prisoner actor Aubrey Morris appears in one episode. On the commentary, Geoffrey Bayldon struggles to remember his name. It's one of those moments you want to actually 'be there' in the sound studio and shout the name into their ear 'ole!

    "Aubrey...Aubrey...Aubrey...WOODS!", he finally and victoriously announces. Don't get me wrong - I love Mr Bayldon and 'Catweazle' was his finest hour. He was the first choice to play Dr Who for Christ's sake. But just for a moment - I wanted to shake him quite violently.

    Ironically, Aubrey Woods appeared in the first Dr Who story to feature the Daleks. He also got to sing as the Candy Shop Owner in the original 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory' (which also features Angelo Muscat...)

    Now here's the coincidence;

    When De Agostini covered 'Dance Of The Dead' in their fortnightly 'Prisoner' magazine, they referred to the actor playing the Town Crier as 'Aubrey WOODS'!

    BCNU... );oB

    1. Hello Steve,

      I never collected the De Agostini part-work for 'the Prisoner,' save for the first two parts. That was only because I wanted the free map which came with the first part, and the video of Koroshi, which came with the second part.

      That was not the only error Fairclough made in that part work. I was told that he made the mistake of attributing the phrase "Playing it according to Hoyle" to the wrong Hoyle, he had it as Fred!