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Friday, 25 May 2012

It makes You Wonder

   Just how people can see a certain character one way, take the character of Janet Portland from the episode Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling for example. How is it that in the De Agostini Prisoner Part-Work, Janet Portland is  described as being determined, passionate as well as beautiful, that the Prisoner's fiancé is a perfect match for him?
   Coming from a wealthy and privileged background, she might be refined and sophisticated, having been sent to a finishing school, and was a 1955 debutante, but I can't see Janet being passionate, or even determined, and she certainly isn't a perfect match for the Prisoner! Why would such a man as the Prisoner ever contemplate spending the rest of his life with this woman? In the De Agostini Prisoner Part-Work Janet is also described as being independent, tenacious, feisty, and forceful. Well not so sure about the independent bit, having lived with her father, and now looking to marry a man who she will expect to look after her. Where's the independence there? Tenacious, well that would all depend upon how long Janet has been trying to find out where her fiancé has gone, from other sources than that of her father Sir Charles. Certainly Janet is grasping, adhesive, and persistent, and I bet that's just how she was with her fiancé. Now that she had finally got here man, she was not about to lose him. Ah, but she did lose him, and felt the unexpected loss of her fiancé deeply, has been keeping a watchful eye on her fiancés house. But watching her fiancés house is an indication of hope, hoping that one day he will come back to her, as she once thought at seeing his car parked outside his house in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ This could reflect her tenacious attitude, in not being able to let go. Forceful, well perhaps, Janet certainly tries to be forceful where her father is concerned, but it doesn't get her anywhere.
   I bet Sir Charles Portland couldn't believe his luck when the Prisoner asked for his daughters hand in marriage that time Sir Charles was pruning his roses, and no wonder he dropped his secateurs! And I should think Sir Charles was sad about the disappearance of his daughters fiancé, because that left him with his daughter still on his hands!
   There are three people in this equation the Prisoner - Janet Portland - and Sir Charles Portland - and all three have a different reason as to why the Prisoner and Janet should be married, but I'll let you arrive at your own conclusions, as I once did.
   As for thinking Janet Portland being beautiful, attractive possibly. But now middle aged and past her prime, the best I could say is that Janet's of a pleasant nature.

Be seeing you.

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