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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   That of the human chess match in 'Checkmate. Each time I watch it, or indeed listen to the music which accompanies the scene, memories are evoked of the times when my wife and I have taken our places on the chessboard as Number Six and the white Queen Number 8, even today.
    Back in the days when hunderds of sepctators watched on. I recall one chap approaching me one year, asking me if next year could he stand on the chessboard on the square next to me? And you know what, he did, and shook my hand at the end. And that's basically what it was all about, giving people pleasure.

I'll be seeing you


  1. A lovely 'sum up' at the end.

    It's a pity a lot of 'Six Of One' members didn't share your philosophy, David...

    1. Hello Steve,

      Thank you.
      I saw producing and acting in the numerous re-enactments at Portmeirion, was for the members of Six of One, but cheifly for all the day visitors to Portmeirion. It's alright walking about the Village looking at architecture, and the like, they need to be entertained as well. Okay, not every day visitor appreciated our efforts, as I recall walking along in my arrival suit. One bloke was about to take a photograph of his wife, I heard him say "Hold it a minute, I don't want Patrick McGooohan in the picture!" which was fair enough. But on the whole the re-enactments were well received by members of the general public.

      I recall as once Morag and I were passing the Town Hall on the Sunday night of the Convention, someone came out and said that we should have been inside, as we had just been given a rousing round of applause for our work during the convention. I said Morag and I don't need people's thanks, the work, along with people have enjoying themselves is it's own reward. I meant it then, and I mean it now. I know certain people who performed in re-enactments for their own gratification, I never agreed with that.

      Kind Regards
      Be seeing you