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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Personal Column

..................... And Here Is A Message, It Is A Birthday Greeting For Number 6.

    I asked Number 113 why he sent such a message. Number 113 told me that he hadn't written any such message! Well I know Number 113, and if he said he didn't write the message for Number 6, then he didn't write it! I told that to Number 2, "Number 2" I said, "Number 113 told me he didn't write that bithday greeting to Number 6 and I believe him.........." Of course he didn't write it you blithering idiot! Number 113 was supposed to have written it!" "But Number 2, Number 113 told me he didn't write it, so how could........ "Number 113 was an old woman in a wheelchair - she died a month ago!" That would explain it then. "Explain what?" Why we've read nothing in The Tally Ho from Number 113 recently! "Oh get out, get out!"


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