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Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Prisoner's Question Time

    Number 2 "Now you look a reasonable kind of man to me. I'm sure you would not interrupt the democratic process."
    Number 6 "Democracy, in this place?"
    "Certainly, why not?"
    "Dress it up as much as you like, the Village is still an internment camp!"
    "Yes, but you must admit that there is a certain freedom within the camp."
   "I haven't noticed it!"
   "Well take a man like you. You are not forced to work. You are given a weekly allowance. If you become ill we look after you. As well as that, you are allowed to come and go as you please, within reason."
    "Thanks very much!"
    "Just think how much more freedom you would enjoy if only you would co-operate. Or do you enjoy playing our games?"
    "Is that what it is, a game?"
    "Almost certainly. We think the games up, and you participate."
    "I like sport as well."
   "Yes. Shooting, fencing, gymnastics, swimming. Water skiing, boxing and Kosho."
   "There is another."
   "Oh yes."
   "Cross country running. I'm going to run the first chance I get."
   "Perhaps I'll give you a head start!"
   "Funny aren't you?"
   "It helps to have a sense of humour. Humour is the very essence of a democratic society."
   "Why don't you take a running jump............."
   "If I get this one wrong I'll be for the high jump alright."
    "Are you looking for a running mate?"
   "Are you putting yourself forward as a candidate?"
   "I might as well while I'm waiting. If I'm elected as MP for the Village, do I get to take my seat in the House of Commons?"
    "Think yourself lucky if you don't end up standing on the Town Council!"


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