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Monday, 16 June 2014

Filey Clyde!

   Do we know where Seltzman is? Well we certainly know where he’s been, Paris, Beachy Head, Loch Ness in Scotland, the Yorkshire Moors, Dartmouth. And according to the address on the envelope of the letter ZM73 sent Seltzman when he was in Scotland, he had also been to Filey Clyde. What was he doing in Filey Clyde in Scotland? Obviously the “Filey Clyde” in Scotland is made up. Clyde may be in Scotland, but Filey is in Yorkshire! But sometimes I think we have to take some things in ‘the Prisoner’ at face value otherwise we’ll be completely lost. Nevertheless the questions remains, what was Seltzman doing in Filey Clyde, and so many different places? Working as a barber perhaps as his other persona of Herr Hallen. After all Herr Hallen did tell ZM73 that “We barbers get around you know.” It is always possible that in all that time, moving from place to place, Professor Seltzman was attempting to perfect the reversal process of his mind transference process. And that would take experimentation, and in order to carry out such experiments Seltzman would need human guinea pigs. It might have been that at each location something went wrong, and he found himself having to move on. And in that way it’s probable that Professor Seltzman left a number of victims in his wake.
    And yet Professor Seltzman wanted his friend ZM73 to know where he was, and where he could ultimately find him, Kandersfeld Austria, so Seltzman sent ZM73 the roll of film. Finally Seltzman returned to the place of his birth, working as a barber. Whilst at the same time working in his cellar perfecting the reversal processes, like some kind of Doctor Frankenstein!

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