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Saturday 14 June 2014

Who's That On The Telephono?

   No.2 "Yes what is it now? And before you ask I'm on yellow."
   No.66 "I'm sorry sir?"
   "What have you to be sorry about?"
   "Nothing sir."
   "Well then. Look the telephone, I'm on yellow, and who is this?"
   "The Supervisor......on turquoise. You asked me to report any unusual activity by Number Six."
   "Well what is it?"
   "He's approaching the forbidden area."
   "What's he up to?"
   "He's in the mangrove walk, he could be heading for the hills or the shore."
   "Well if he's out for a walk...."
   "He's carrying a box sir."
   "He took a bird out of the box sir."
   "A bird, it wasn't a Cuckoo was it?"
   "Cuckoo sir? No, it was a pigeon."
   "A pigeon, what did he do with it?"
   "He released it!"
   "There's nothing in Number Six's file to suggest he's a pigeon fancier."
   "But sir, Number Six is sending a message, I'm sure of it."
   "Alright, there no need to panic. Do you think it's a homing pigeon?"
   "Yes sir, I'm sure of it."
   "Well it's bound to turn up back in The Village sooner or later, don't you think?"
   "I hadn't thought of that sir."
   "No, and I bet that never occurred to our friend Number Six either!"
   "So you don't want me to take any action?"
   "That's right."
   "You don't want me to shoot it down using the beam?"
   "We haven't used the beam yet, it would be good practice."
   "I told you to take no action!"
   "And the Cuckoo clock?"
   "Cuckoo clock, what about it?"
   "Well No.6 left a Cuckoo clock at the door to the Green Dome a few minutes ago."
   "Oh hell's teeth! It must be a bomb! Get the bomb disposal unit, and shoot that damned pigeon down!"
   "Yes Number Two, straight away Number Two.....Number Two? Oh, he's rung off, he must be in one of his moods!"


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