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Thursday 19 June 2014

More Village

    The twin towers, are something that Six at times tries to reach, especially in the episode of 'Harmony.' And yet the twin towers might not have looked like these, but more like the sketch in the next picture.
   Production designer Mchael Pickwoad was doodling a design for The Village Logo, which as we know is inspired by the art nouveau design of the top of the Wedding Tower at Darmsstadt in Germany. He even created the above sketch adding the design to the twin towers of the Summakor building. But I think that makes them look far too much like the Wedding tower.
Far better to have them as glass and steel towers, seeing as they are actually the Summakor building in New York.

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  1. It should be mentioned that the Wedding Tower isn't the sole building there, instead it's a group of buildings, an exhibition hall with annex and a sumptuous grove of plane trees surrounded by residential houses all in the art nouveau style. Because the whole area was designed as a colony of artists back in 1908 by the ruling Grand Duke. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Thank you for the additional information. I knew I could rely on you. I'm obliged to you.....sir.

      Very kind regards

  2. Don't mention it, David. It's interesting that such a detail pops up from time to time. I should perhaps read more about Michael Pickwoad's intention, why he chose this building. In the case of Gerald Kelsey he watched a real-life game of chess somewhere in Germany and used it for the "Checkmate" episode. -BCNU!