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Monday 30 June 2014

Bureau Of Visual Records

   It might have been that the Prisoner in refusing Number 2's offer to sit down, recognised the "comfy chair" as a recognised method of an interrogation technique, and perhaps he was trained to resist it, seeing as how he twice refused Number 2's offer to sit down!

  You sit the subject down in a low comfy or easy chair with a light in his eyes. Your seat at the desk has its back to the window. Why the low comfy chair? Well if you have been to speakers corner in Hyde Park, you will have noticed that the speakers stand on a soap box, that is to get the people to take notice of him. And the same can be said of a parson who speaks from the pulpit, people look up and take notice. And the light? Briefly one of the tricks is for inducing the state of hypnosis is for the operator to stand in front of his seated subject and revolve or swing a small bright object in front of his eyes.


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