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Monday 30 June 2014

Thought For The Day

   On the one hand we have Number 1 blasting off in his rocket, and on the other we have Number 6 escaping in a cage on the trailer of a Scammell Higwayman transporter. You could say that between them they tore The Village apart!
   But what of The Village? As far as I can see the actual fabric of The Village wasn't damaged at all. Is it conceivable that the government behind The Village would leave it abandoned, to fall into a state of dilapidation and ruin? It may very well be on the cards that The Village would have been repopulated, and quite possibly by the people who evacuated it in the first place. After all where would they put all those people? I know there are all those helicopters which took off from The Village during the evacuation, but the question is what kind of flying range would they have, three hundred miles, four hundred? If it was simply the case of a "quick flip to the landing stage," there there would have been a long queue of people waiting to get on a boat in order to take them home. And what would they do with the people then? They would need somewhere to keep them all together, otherwise if someone talked they could blow the lid off the entire Village! But The Village is fine, sound and intact, so why not put them back in it? Besides there might even be people there already....those people who went running off along the beach during the evacuation. They would have missed the chance of getting away in a helicopter, and I should imagine that unless they went and lived in a cave, the only place they could go would be back to The Village!

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  1. And then, after the falling out of the Village which had left the place in a state disrepair the authorities decided that it was impossible for them to keep on doing their business, that it was time they did something useful for mankind in general and the tax payer in particular lest he was no longer burdened with the cost of an installation like this. And so they reopened the Village as a luxurous seaside resort hotel for the public and they fared far better than before. People from all over the world seeking relaxation and recovery flocked in and lived happily ever after. The End. BCNU! (Too good to be true, isn't it.)

    1. Hello Arno,
      That's very good, I can always rely upon you to think "outside the box." It is a fair sentiment, but as you say its too good to be true.

      Very kind regards