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Monday 9 June 2014

Caught On Camera!

   It would seem that the Prisoner had seen this new No.2 before, on the way to the Labour Exchange, riding past on a bicycle! The scene in theLabour Exchange managers office being the once scene before last when we finally see this No.2 with the Supervisor-No.26 in the control Room. Nor do we know why No.2 was replaced, unless of course it was due to the failure of the maid No.66 to gain the required information from the Prisoner. Other than that I can't think why. But of course the fact of the matter was, Guy Doleman left the production of 'the Prisoner' very suddenly. It makes me wonder if he hadn't, there might not have been any need for a new No.2, and George Baker may not have appeared in 'The Prisoner.' But the fact that a new No.2 had been brought in was a very clever gambit, because it had the effect of the Prisoner having to begin all over again with No.2, putting him back to square one so to speak!

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  1. Dear David
    Do you know the reason why Guy Doleman was removed from the production?
    Nadia (No 8)

    1. Dear Nadia {No.8},
      Regarding Guy Doleman's removal, it wasn't completely from the whole production, because he was used in the scenes shot on set at MGM film studios. As I understand it, Guy was sent home from filming at Portmeirion due to over drinking. I don't know any details, but he must have over-stepped the mark in some way, and that must have been extreme, because many people involved in the production of 'the Prisoner' were heavy drinkers.

      Very best regards

    2. Dear David
      Many thanks for your reply. Guy is my favourite no.2 and I always wondered why he was sent home from the village! Naughty boy, eh!
      Congratulations on an excellent and thought-provoking website which I think is the best source of info there is on our favourite series.
      Be seeing you!

    3. Dear Nadia,
      Thank you for your comment, your kind words are very much appreciated. Sometimes I struggle for inspiration for articles, and I HAve questioned how long I can continue writing this blog. And yet, when I receive comments such as yours, they inspire me to go on. Thank you.

      My favourite Number 2 is Leo McKern, with Colin Gordon a very, very close second. My favoourite episode 'Arrival,' with 'Checkmate' second.

      Should you wish to talk more about 'the Prisoner' from time to time, but not in a blog comment, then please feel free to email me at but if not, then that's no problem.

      Very best regards