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Monday 16 June 2014

The Hero Survives Against Overwhelming Odds

   Because he must! Otherwise if he is destroyed, brainwashed, gives into coercion, concedes, and gives them what they want {as many before him have done} where then would the story be, if there is to be story, for the television viewer to watch? Heroes always overcome overwhelming odds as is always the way of things. Yet there are many kinds of hero, No.12 for example. The Professor was busy attempting to shut the General down, but begins to be electrocuted. No.12 suddenly rushes forward and takes hold of the Professor in order to try and save his life, rather stupidly I thought, seeing as 12 wasn’t insulated against the electricity. I thought it a brave attempt nonetheless for that, because No.12 lost his own life in the attempt. No.12 is a small cog working against the machinery of The Village in having conspired with No.6, who was in danger of being found out by No.2. By making it look as though he was attempting to save the Professors life, was actually committing an act of suicide. One thing about this scene is, that either way you look at it it’s one or the other, depending on one’s perspective.

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