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Friday 20 June 2014

Quote For The Day

    “Last week Number fourteen was an old lady in a wheelchair. You’re new here, and you’re one of them!”
    “Your nonsense bores me.”
    “Oh my mistake.”
    “Don’t worry, we all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to.”
                                                              {No.6 and No.14 – A C and C}

   I used to think that No.14, or rather the actress Sheila Allen had made the mistake of putting one too many “haves” into that last sentence. But looking at it again, I can see that she didn’t. Examining No.14’s attitude towards No.6 when she say’s that final line in that scene, I can see that No.14 was right. That she had to make the mistake she did, by not informing No.2 that No.6 had opened his eyes during the first experiment of her new drug. That she felt she was obliged to make it.


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