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Monday 30 June 2014

The Prisoner

   There is a good deal that takes place within ‘the Prisoner’ that we are not privy to. Such as how Number 2 manipulated Number 24/Alison to betray The Schizoid Man the way she did. More than that, what was it that brought Number 6 and Number 24 together in the first place? Was that part of the plan, or did Number 2 recognise the genuine mental link between 6 and 24, and decided to put that to his own use?
   When did Number 6 take up the role of “childminder?” Number 6 told the three children a fairytale, as Number 2 observed. Was that the only fairytale he told them? After all the children made him promise that he would come back tomorrow, and Number 6 said he would seeing as he didn’t think he had any other important appointments! You will probably be familiar with the name Scheherazade.

   Perhaps the Scheherazade connection is carrying this just a little too far. But it would all depend on how many times Number 6 had visited the nursery during his spell of child-minding, and how many fairytale's he told.

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