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Wednesday 25 June 2014

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    No.6 cannot stand girls who cannot make a descent cup of tea. So in 'A Change of Mind' he sets about showing No.86 how to make a decent cup of tea. "A lesson. Empty pot, rinse out, warm the pot always {that doesn't have an effect on the flavour of the tea, but it does stop the earthenware teapot from cracking when you pour boiling water into it} rinse out. Now, one for me, one for thee, one for the for luck, boiling water, switch off, let stand for one moment." No.6 asks 86 to pour the milk while he gets another cup and saucer while keeping an observant eye on 86 who adds a couple of mytol {a sedative} pills into No.6's cup. "Mmmm good. Sugar please in the end cupboard thank you." then No.6 swaps the cups and saucers round, effectively turning the tables on 86. "Pour, should be just about nice." All charmingly domestic...I think I should like some tea.
   George Orwell wrote an essay entitled "A Nice Cup of Tea" for the 'Evening Standard in January 1946.

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  2. Warming the pot also has the advantage of keeping the pot hotter for longer - the same if you warm your mug first :)

    1. Hello Simon,
      Compliments if the season to you.
      Warm the mug first.......never thought of doing that before, I'll give it a go.