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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Thought For The Day

   It is always possible that the lack of time given to No.2 in ‘A B and C,’ a matter of just three days, is like an insurance policy that the plan wouldn't work. I like that idea. I have always been under the impression that seeing as so much time had been spent by No.2 researching and computing the whole life of No.6, that at least No.1 wouldn’t rush No.2, not when he was so close to gaining the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. But yes, the idea of lack of time being insurance against No.2 succeeding would suggest that No.1 doesn’t want No.2 to succeed. And so in that thinking, can the same be said of No.2’s predecessors and successors? If that’s so, doesn’t it make the whole thing a complete waste of somebody's time?

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