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Friday 13 June 2014

A Favourite Moment In The Prisoner

   Takes place during the episode ‘Fall Out,’ after the Prisoner and his new personal gentleman’s gentleman have returned to London, and to the Prisoner's home of Number 1 Buckingham Place.
   Moments before the Prisoner is about to climb into his beloved Lotus Seven, a black hearse drives slowly passed. The Prisoner looks at it slightly nervously, but this time it's not coming for him...... unless of course the Undertakers in the hearse have already been assigned to the Prisoner. That they follow him from his house, to the underground car park. Wait for him there, to drive out, and then follow him again through the streets of London, and because they knew he was going back to his home, and so arrived before the Prisoner, in Buckingham Place. Which would suggest that whoever abducted the Prisoner, was after him before he handed in his resignation, which might have been pure coincidence!

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