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Sunday 22 June 2014

There Are Times In The Prisoner

    When one simply has to take things at face value! Take the retiring No.2 for example. It appears that he never had any direct involvement with No.6, because when No.6 came calling on No.2 that day to report an assassination plot against him, he didn't seem to recognise No.2 at all. "I want to see Number Two" he said "I am Number Two" No.2 said. So what's this No.2 been up to in all his terms of office? Oh yes, "terms of office," because this No.2 has been on leave from The Village. {To be perfectly honest I thought how can any No.2 be on leave from The Village? I thought this No.2 to be the only one in such a situation, but perhaps not. It could equally be said that No.2 of both 'A B and C' and 'The General' could have been on leave from The Village between both those episodes, and so why not?} No.2 has been the most industrious of No.2's, working for the good and welfare of The Village, it's people, and the community at large. He brought about the new cafe facilities, the extra Blue Zone in the post, the new flower borders that citizens love so much. the new recreation hour, and the new golf course, and the new clock golf of course. And not only that, he laid new plans for The Village, a new concert hall is to be built, and the beautiful mural in the library, and not forgetting the electrification of the clocks. For if we do not take some things at face value we maybe lost. After all Appreciation Day is an annual event, and this year it celebrates No.2's achievements, hence the word ACHIEVEMENT on the Appreciation Day monument. And yet we remember that The Village local elections were supposed to be an annual event, and see how easily the good citizens of The Village were manipulated then. So perhaps they were being manipulated for Appreciation Day, and that everything that takes place in The Village is a deception and lie. Yes I know, one step forward and two back! But No.2 is a kind, retiring old gentleman, and I personally like to believe in him, his achievements, and Appreciation Day.

Be seeing you this coming Thursday on Appreciation Day!

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