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Thursday 12 June 2014

Prognosis Report On Number 6

   A daily walk around The Village at 6.30 in the morning might be one thing. No.6 then climbs the Bell Tower, well perhaps he does just like the view! The subject is eccentric, certainly watching, waiting, constantly aggressive. 7.30 am sees No.6 having a physical workout with the subject's home made apparatus. 8.15 am No.6 cools off water skiing. 9 o'clock it's coffee at the cafe. 9.20 am chess on the lawn of the Old People's Home with an elderly opponent, the game ending in an 11 move checkmate win for No.6.  He then humours another eccentric citizen by having his portrait painted. According to the prognosis No.6 will at 10.19 exactly, take a stroll around The Village. At precisely 10.20 he will go to the kiosk where he will buy a copy of the newspaper, The Tally Ho, a bar of soap, and a bag of sweets. The subject will proceed on foot to the Old People’s Home where at approximately 10:45am he will undertake a game of chess with No.82, the game to last approximately fifteen minutes, ending in an eleven move checkmate win by No.6. They will commence a second chess match………Between 11:45 and 11:50 he will arrive at the gymnasium for his semi-weekly Kosho practise. Well this is all fine and dandy for a daily prognosis report on No.6, the emphasis being on daily. So just how many days of the weeks does No.6 buy a bar of soap? No.6 is very active, and this prognosis does give some indication of how No.6 spends his days in The Village, days when he does not find himself embroiled in the plots and schemes of No.2.

I'll be seeing you.

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