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Thursday 12 June 2014

A Midnight Stroll On The Beach!

   Why didn't the Village Guardian heard No.6 back along the beach to The Village, that night of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ especially when No.6 began to run? No.2 was aware that No.6 wasn’t in his cottage, as reported by his Observer No.240. No.2 didn’t appear none to concerned, besides she said not to worry, as it will test their efficiencies. But this doesn’t account for the Village Guardians reaction to No.6 running along the beach. The Guardian took no action against the Prisoner, in fact it moved along with the Prisoner, as though acting as a pace setter for the Prisoner. As though “it” were testing No.6’s endurance. To see who quickly No.6 could run and for how far before the Guardian drove No.6 to his knees in the sand. But even then the Guardian took no further action against the Prisoner, for as far as the Guardian was concerned the Prisoner may very well be running away from The Village. Eventually at a touch of a button on the control panel of her desk by No.2, and the Village Guardian withdrew, presumably to return to it's nightly patrol. Well that’s the confidence No.2 has, the fact that No.6 will eventually go back to his cottage, he having nowhere else to go. hence giving the Prisoner-No.6 the opportunity of returning to his cottage of his own violation, which eventually he does.

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  1. "A Midnight Stoll On The Beach!"

    A midnight what?!