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Monday 23 June 2014

Its All A Mockery!

    In giving No.6 the rewards they did, the key to his house, a passport valid for anywhere, travellers cheques, and a purse of petty cash, along with the promise of being able to leave them, to go anywhere, were they not making him an idol?
   There is no such thing as a man of steel {unless it’s the Marvel character Superman!} other than that he does not exist. With the President's speech it seems that he is mocking the so called “man of steel” because he does not exist. It appears that to take it for real “they” are trying to make sense of something they cannot handle, because No.6 is an individual, he is on his own, a one-off. And so if you can’t beat him, join him, or have him join you but let him show you they way!
    It would appear that the individual has powers that are needed for The Village, with outstanding leadership skills, and the potential to be individuals would appear to have the power to blind the President and the delegates of the Assembly. To give them the illusion to be free and no longer feel as the prisoners they are (as they try to tell Number 6). So they gave Number Six what they thought he wanted, they made him their idol, and idols as we know, are made to be worshipped!

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