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Monday 9 June 2014

Thought For The Day

    Just a thought, in ‘Free For All’ The Tally Ho article headed ‘No.6 speaks His Mind,’ was written prior to No.6’s interview with No.113 which doesn’t contain one single word of that interview, such is the manipulation of the press in The Village. So can we be sure that the article headed ‘Increase Vigilance Call by New No.2’ be in fact No.2’s own words? Because no-one else in The Village seems too concerned about conspiracies, and unknown enemies within the community. It just made me wonder that if those are No.2’s own words in that article of The Tally Ho, what it was that brought about that article and No.2's thinking behind it. I did think that that Tally Ho article was printed in The Tally Ho just to give No.6 the idea about No.2’s paranoia!

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