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Thursday 19 June 2014

Number 6 the New Number 2

    There are those who arrive in The Village with a fresh face, and with an enthusiasm that cannot be denied. Beware, be careful, their promises ring richly in your ears. Our friend Number Six has a splendid record. He has adapted himself admirably to our procedure. But he has no experience whatsoever of the manipulation of such a community as The Village. Beware has he got the administrative ability to implement his policies?
   It would appear not! Number Six's voice booms out over The Village that he had command, that he would immobilise all electronic controls, telling the citizens to obey him and be free. That the people are free, free, free to go! However the words of Number Six fall on deaf ears. Not one citizen reacts to Number Six's demand for them to be free, freedom being the basis of his policies. Number Two is a past master at the  manipulating of such a community as in The Village. In his last speech Number Two was in fact manipulating the community against Number Six, warning them, telling them to beware to be careful, asking the people if they can trust Number Six, possibly brainwashing them with his words.

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