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Tuesday 17 June 2014

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    You know our friend Number 6 can be really very kind at times. Remember when he bought Number 36 a bag of sweets because all her weekly credit allowance had run out. Poor Number 36, she simply couldn't go a day without her sweets. Well it was much the same with Number 38 who had created a tapestry for the Exhibition of Arts and crafts, and with it had won the over 60's special award. Number 6 won the prize of prizes, the special merit award of two thousand work units for the best work in any of the five groups. The Awards Committee awarded it to Number 6. Number 6 thinking that he wouldn't be needing those two thousand work units thought that someone else might put them to better use. He felt that the special merit award should not have gone to him, but to someone whose work, long life in The Village, had been an example to them all...Number 38. It's not for Number 6 to reverse the decision of the Committee. However he uses those two thousand work units to buy Number 38's tapestry to hang in his own home. I thought that was a nice gesture on Number 6's part. After all that night he and Nadia prepared the boat for their escape, having taken the components of Number 6's abstract sculpture from the Recreation Hall, after all Number 6 could have simply taken the tapestry he used as a sail. there was no need for him to have bought it!

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