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Wednesday 25 June 2014

A Mind Reading Act

    No.24-Alison, who had developed a mental link with No.6, had to deliberately misread his mind that time in No.2's office, gaining one correct card out of five. Then No.24, who doesn't have a mental link with Curtis-No.6, achieved five out of five.
    Many fans think that it is a stacked deck, a pre-arranged series of five cards that No.24 would have memorised with Curtis. But what if No.6 had shuffled that deck of cards which he took from Alison, then there is no-way that the deck could be stacked in Curtis and 24’s favour. No, there are five pre-arranged signals which pass between Curtis and Alison, so that she would know which card it was Curtis was holding up in his hand, just like the way it is with professional mind reading acts. The signal which passes between Curtis and Alison is a simple one, its in the way Cutis says the word “now” and the tone he uses.

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