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Tuesday 24 June 2014

Such Business Is Above The Law!

    It was during the deliberations between No.2 and No.6 of ‘Once Upon A time,’ when the Prisoner was up on a charge of careless driving. He was on a mission you see, a matter of life or death {presumably he was trying to save a life} which caused him to drive at great speed. According to the Prisoner no-one was harmed when the Judge asked him how many were dead.
   When the Judge asked the Prisoner whose life or death, the Prisoner refused to say, claiming that it was secret business. In fact it was Sate secret confidential business. And that such business is above the law! This angers the Judge to think that anyone and any business could be above the law, and finds the Prisoner guilty. The Prisoner is then taken away, but appeals against unfair treatment. The Judge tells him he’s getting the same treatment as everybody else. Yes he knows that, that’s why he’s going to appeal!
   I would imagine that King Charles the 1st felt very much the same, that he was above the law. During his trial he was allowed to feel happier as himself by being allowed to wear his own suit of clothes at his trial. And I should think King Charles thought that he was above the law, right up to the moment Parliament had his head chopped off!

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